Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whats wrong with the school

Let me start off by saying that Del Val is a great academic school with good sport teams and a great campus, BUT there are a lot of over looked problems that need to be addressed to make this school even better. First i would like to address the school's FLOODINGs, when it rains here i need a raft to get to class or I'm going to sit there soaked and pissed off in class. I recomend a better draing system and not so much relaying on the hills and the grass to drain the water. This brings me to my next problem witch comes with the rain and that is MUDD the back walk ways to the barns and some classes need a better path i.e. cement or ever a rock path would do. The next issue and i think this is a BIG!!! one is the campus gym, all i have to say is WHAT THE FUCK!! i have never been in a more disgusting, filthy, rotting, broken down gym before. It looks like the good will dropped off a used gym that got tested on with a bomb. I suggest that the campus regulate the gym by setting up a job for kids to work there and keep it clean "just like the people in the kitchens". They can keep it clean by wiping it down every once and awhile on their shift and to regulate the people by making sure they take care of the equipment. I think there is a big risk of mersa and ring worm and anything else that goes with slimy, rusted, dirt caked equipment. Then the campus needs to set up a system to swipe into the gym before you can use it to show who been in the gym and to keep it safer. Im not saying get all new stuff, becuase lets face it that will cost way to much i mean its not like we pay for the gym in our tuition or anything (just a side note we DO!). Im just saying lets work with what we have (if it doses not fall apart on us first) and clean it up and regulate it. Then maybe later down the road start getting new stuff.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I make 3d animation of anything this is a bar/cafe i made this is just the downstairs and the hall way, the downstars is the bar and the upstars is the cafe. I called it Heaven and Hell
I wish my grass was emo so it can cut it's self
My name is Justin Hayman, i am 23 and go to Del Val. i have been in the military life for 20 years because my father been in the army for 20 years. I have traveled to many places in my life from cali. to Florida. and from the UK to Egypt. I have done 2 years my self and a 9 month tour. I plan on going back in afer i get my bs in bio. i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters i am the middle child.