Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rip offs

Is AMERICAN stores that bad at ripping people off? why do they get people buy every little thing that people dont need? For example you walk into a store for say new shoes that will run 60-120$ (rip off 1) then the sales person if they are good at what they do gets you to buy let say socks
( rip off 2) that you dont need and have a drow full of back home, then he gets you to buy shoe balls
(rip off 3) for your shoes that make you shoes smell good all the time, then after all this ass raping he gets you to buy a shoe plan (rip off 4) that protects your shore from damage and its good for a year. Now you are walking away with spend 3 times as much then you had planed. Like what the fuck. With the way people think and how they spend no wonder we are heading into a depression. Just a reminder this is jst one sore there are thousands out there so watch out they all do it some way or another.


  1. The sad reality is that it's true...and that's how America makes money.

  2. This post is hilarious. Yeah i just went through this with my sister. She had couldn't walk away with her $80 kicks without the $20 shoe pads.

  3. clearance racks are the way to go