Friday, November 20, 2009

So im sitting here looking at my screen and a blank blog window and dont know what to type yet again. all i can think about at this point is thanksgiving and seeing my brother, sister-in-law and nephew and their new dog; who i havent seen in a long time. im listening to 3 doors down and it has me thinking of my life and what i need to do to keep it on the right track, and the sacrafices i have to make to keep it that way. i think its funny how music can alter the way you feel depending on the situationfor example, when i lift at the gym i have on some hardcore shit to keep me pumped and when im running i have my mp3 palyer on shuffle but when im thinking its always this deep kinda slow music on and it makes me sad but when im like this i can think the strightest, and it brings out the emotion in my writing.
I saw the new twilight -New Moon it was good thought it could have used a littlle more fighting sceans tho. I dont know about you but im a big movie buff, i cant get enough of them i guess its becuase it allows me to escape for the 2 hours into another world and adventure with new charecters i like the idea of seeing how other people view the world or see what the wrighters and directors point of view on something anyone else feel like that?

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