Sunday, November 8, 2009

what is the point of living? No this is not a self pitty, give me attension bull shit wah i want to die blog. This is about what do we live for and in the end is it worth it or are we just going to keep trying to paln a head for the next big thing, the next goal in life. What i like to belive is in living in the moment this is the here and the now. why let it pass you by while you what for what is going to happen or some kind of plan? I understand that if you have a plan it is to better you chance at the future, but if you waste your life always palnning wont you miss whats going on now or miss out of the chance of new adventures? there is a saying "yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is way it is called the present. to me it is trying to say live each day to the fullest and dont think what will be or what could have been and so just live life


  1. you're completely right, what if you plan plan plan for the future then die in the middle of your plans so you never have a mother hates when i give her this outlook on life

  2. I completely agree. I dont think ppl should just walk in blindly to their future and say "eh fuck it whatever happens just happens" but i also dont think ppl should plan accordingly to every second of their lives.. I know what i want for my future but i also am living in the present. Ppl should realize that life is seriously too short