Monday, November 30, 2009

thanksgiving break was kinda fun but felt like a normal week at home. had work and was out a few times with some friends, my brother and his family came up to visit we did nothing was quite boring. we all just stayed at home and watch the football games and relaxed but i can only relax for a day if that. I cant believe that this semester is almost over felt like it went by so fast, i have no idea what my grade will be or if i will be able to move on the the next level classes. worked on a few more 3d art animations made a robot

let me know what you think. can change anything on it. i did not put a background on it because i just did not want to lol, has i sit here and look at this vid i notice small details that i have to go back and fix only bad thing about that is it takes hours to make it into a video and take a few mnore hours to change things around beacuse i have to go in there and adjst each thing i made sec by sec like a claymation to get the robot to look like it is moving.

also made a lego video and stuff but have to tweak it here and there will post it later in the week.

so does anyone know what they are doing for xmas this year? i know im going back home and doing this week again lol just a little longer. i have to get another job when i get back so i can keep up with the bills because the job i have now pays like crap and demands the world for their employees.

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  1. the robot is pretty sweet I'm sure I underestimate what goes into creating that. Jobs really suck when you get paid crap and they demand the world from their employees but you're the only employee that does jack shit and so all the work gets put on your shoulders. I feel like I'm running on a tredmill with my jobs, I get no where!